Digital 360, A Strategy to Drive Growth and ROI

Many businesses faced tremendous challenges during the pandemic. It forced them to react and react fast. Not only businesses but also governments. Going digital was the only option to keep it up with those challenges. Many failed and many new businesses succeeded. All that was due to the realization of being digital. In fact, they all needed to be digital 360. 

In this article, I will highlight how Salesforce Digital 360 can help many businesses to keep up with going digital 360 to maintain and drive growth. 

Today, customers are seeking more personalized experience and more choices. To be able to keep up with this demand, you will need to bring data together and have a single source of truth that could power the business to provide a seamless experience. Data residing in different systems, and dealing with old legacy systems could hinder achieving this goal.  A move to solutions powered by Salesforce could achieve this goal due to the availability of systems that bring data together in a safe and secure way to solutions that power digital 360. These solutions are: 

The first solution is Experience Cloud that allows businesses to build connected CRM with digital experience for customers and partners. Experience Cloud allows them to provide the right level of support to customers and enable sales for partners. 

The second solution is Marketing Cloud allows them to stay in touch with customers at every point which helps with maintaining the relationship and providing customers with up to date information on products & services. 

The third solution is Service & Sales Cloud that empowers their agents to sell or service customers at the right time. 

Many businesses who implemented these solutions were able to bring data together and have a single source of truth to be able to increase revenue, CSAT, and average order value.  

The reason for your company to move to digital 360 could be one of the following: 

  • Ease to setup the system: Almost all Salesforce Solution can be customized without code that allow business to scale. Or even build custom apps with low code. 
  • Enable AI with the least development: All its solutions empowered by AI that can enhance and improve operations 
  • Sell from everywhere: the platform can be deployed on web and mobile with clicks 
  • Enable Staff to sell or service: Platform can be accessed online from everywhere allowing staff to work remotely. 


At CloudElite we realize the need to quickly adapt to the digital imperative can be daunting. For many of our clients, the transition is achieved faster and more cost-effectively,

by implementing Digital 360 from Salesforce. We have been implementing Salesforce since 2015 in Saudi Arabia and are certified registered partners with Salesforce. 

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