Customer Service in the present, top goals for Service organizations & Solutions to empower the business

The competition is rising today whether you are in a fast-developing country or well-developed country, consumers have more choices than ever. The customer expectation of customer service is rising. Customers are getting smarter day by day with the rise of technology and competition. Companies need to keep up with both competition and technology. Old school customer service is no longer the breadwinner always associated with companies with outdated technology.

Customer service is the core of businesses. Without end-to-end engagement with customers, we will see businesses going away faster than ever. But the good news for consumers are new businesses that actively react to their needs and listen to them. The task is not easy. But the options are out there.  

Salesforce Service Cloud is the world’s leading CRM for customer experience leaders looking to build end-to-end engagement from anywhere that boosts customer satisfaction. It also improves productivity, personalizes interactions, and drives new revenue.

This article is for customer service leaders and call center managers who understand and are looking for ways/solutions to provide agents the power to best service their customers. The lack of resources, limited time, and the large number of customers to support are some of the challenges they face today. However, they are committed to making a positive customer experience.  

Let’s focus on the three top-mind goals for service leaders so that we align on the vision before the solution. 

Goal #1 is Fast Case Management 

Time is essential. Companies need to provide branded websites with help articles to provide their customers information they need without having them to wait for someone to respond to. Having a self-service solution will improve case resolution, save customers and agents the time. Only provide service to uncommon issues/support. This effort is focused to provide results to both customers and agents.  

Having a solution like Service Cloud, companies can launch a company branded website to provide end to end self-service which includes predefined most commonly asked questions, articles, chat AI based, and automated routing of cases that get assigned to the right agent. 

Goal #2 Increase Customer Satisfaction  

Nowadays, customer satisfaction is not a plus. It is a requirement for your business to succeed. Customers have many alternatives even if they don’t, the moment you will have, they will leave you. Many businesses grow due to word of mouth. Customer satisfaction is the core for word of mouth. 

Service cloud provides ways to enhance moments of surprise and delights that leads to customer satisfaction. It provides agents with the tools they need for their engagement with customers. The tool provides ways like live chat, voice calls, emails, and mobile as channels for communications making it easy for them to reach their customers. Having to integrate the solution with social media also drives fast response to customer issues thus leading to satisfaction. 

Goal#3 Increase agent productivity

 Companies invest largely in having the right skill set and operation for customer service as they are the ones who will interact with their customers and leave an impression. Managers seek to provide agents with the tools that will make their job easy and maintain the right attitude to work with customers. Agents also need to stay happy and satisfied with the technology that they interact with on a daily basis. If they don’t have the right solution, they will get the next job offer they get or they won’t have the right attitude to service customers. 

Service Cloud helps agents automate most of the routine procedures such as auto email responses, send updates when a step is completed, or need more information, and use AI to suggest the next action. Managers can use collaboration tools to stay in touch with their agents and use reports/dashboard to track metrics and kpis. There are many features that can make agents work more efficiently and streamlined. 

We CloudElite can work with you to realize many benefits of Service Cloud as well as help you define goals to achieve for your department. Use this form to reach out to us for any demo or want to learn more on what Service Cloud can do for you.